Our Areas of Expertise

Audiovestibular Medicine (AVM) is a world unique medical speciality for the investigation and treatment of hearing and balance problems, tinnitus and dizziness. Increasing knowledge of these poorly understood conditions has required highly trained specialists in this field which previously was not available.  
The speciality is unique to the United Kingdom and a handful of other countries. It is being increasingly adopted worldwide. It is also sometimes referred to as Neuro-otology (which is different from the surgical Neurotology).
Audiovestibular Physicians specialise in the management of hearing and balance problems both in adult and paediatric (children) patients, having had extensive training in all aspects in world renowned hospitals such as Great Ormond Street and Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital.

At Harley Street Audiovestibular Clinic, we offer exclusive consultation with these London based Physicians who offer their expertise at your convenience. The diagnostic process is aided by our state of the art equipment and highly trained senior audiologists.

What is Audiovestibular Medicine?


A complex process involving not just the ear (middle and inner) but also the auditory nerve and its connections to the brain


Any noise that can be heard by the patient is known as tinnitus. It can be relentless and disabling. It can also be due to some serious disorders, so medical investigation is vital


Dizziness can involve the inner ear balance organs (vestibular). However it can be the result of more serious disorders affecting the brain or body mandatory.

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Audiology & Vestibular Testing

Hearing and vestibular function tests including assessment of eyes for nystagmus provides your consultant physician with the required tools for accurate diagnosis.