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Hearing Loss

There can be a wide range of medical and neurological conditions that can also cause hearing loss.  Investigations for hearing loss include ear scans, blood tests and genetic tests. Sometimes hearing loss can be related to other medical conditions.

Have your hearing loss  investigated by a experienced specialist medical doctor.


Dizziness or vertigo is a symptom and may be due to malfunction of the inner ear balance (vestibular) organs. Vertigo or dizziness may also be a feature of other medical, heart (cardiological) or brain (neurological) problems.

Have you had your symptoms investigated by a suitably qualified medical doctor?


Tinnitus can be one of the earliest signs of hearing loss. There are also a multitude of medical, ENT and neurological causes  such as Meniere's disease or tumours. Tinnitus can be constant or pulsatile. Appropriate medical investigations are required to accurately diagnose tinnitus.

See a medical doctor for appropriate further investigation!

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Unique & World Renowned Specialists

The United Kingdom is known internationally for the quality of its healthcare.

Audiovestibular medicine is a unique speciality pioneered in the UK, advancing the long neglected medical treatment of hearing disorders and dizziness

Specialists in Audiovestibular Medicine

Audiovestibular Medicine is a world-unique medical speciality dealing with hearing, tinnitus and balance disorders especially dizziness

Medical Doctors of Hearing and Balance

Doctors specialising in the medical (non-surgical) evidence based management of hearing, tinnitus  and balance disorders

As with any other medical complaint, hearing and balance disorders need to be appropriately investigated by a specialist doctor

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