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Have you been told you or your loved one "just" has hearing loss?

There can be a wide range of medical and neurological conditions that can also cause hearing loss!


Dizziness can be the the first sign of something more sinister like a tumour or stroke.

Have you had your symptoms investigated by a suitably qualified medical doctor?


Tinnitus is one of the earliest signs of hearing loss or can be due to Meniere's disease or, tumours

Ask to see a medical doctor for appropriate further investigation!

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Unique & World Renowned Specialists

The United Kingdom is known internationally for the quality of its healthcare.

Audiovestibular medicine is a unique speciality pioneered in the UK, advancing the long neglected medical treatment of hearing disorders and dizziness

Specialists in Audiovestibular Medicine

Audiovestibular Medicine is a world-unique medical speciality dealing with hearing, tinnitus and balance disorders especially dizziness

Medical Doctors of Hearing and Balance

Doctors specialising in the medical (non-surgical) evidence based management of hearing, tinnitus  and balance disorders

As with any other medical complaint, hearing and balance disorders need to be appropriately investigated by a specialist doctor

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